Site Reliability Engineering


Site Reliability Engineers require software development and operations skills. They’re expected to write software that assists with deployment and production operations and also debug software in production environments. A cursory look at SRE job posts shows new hires are expected to be fluent in a programming language (such as Go or Node.js), configuration management, and automation tools (such as Ansible, Chef, or Puppet) and cloud infrastructure (like AWS, Azure, or GCP). Experience with containers and container orchestration like Mesos or Kubernetes is a common job requirement too.

We are able to supply you with these skills and much more.

Monitoring and Alerting


There are more and more options out there. What to choose for you monitoring and alerting. Do you go open source or do you buy a product. This is never a easy and quick decision but we can always help. We have worked with most of the big players in this field and know what they are good at and where the weakness lay.

So if you want use to help you with product selection or setting up your selection or even maintain your selection we can do it all.

Service Operations


We can help you with all your service operational tasks. From incident Management till IT operational Controls. Just let use know who and what you need.