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In two of my previous blogs I talked about what AIOPS can do for you. Now I would like to talk to you about what AIOPS tooling needs to have to be as useful as possible.

Requirements for the AIOPS tools

• Ingesting data from multiple sources. • Analytics on real time data on the moment of ingestion. • Historical analysis of stored data. • Provide access to the data. • Storing the acquired data. • Use machine learning to analyse the data. • Being able to take action on result of analysis. • Large set of integration options.

Questions & Considerations


Ingesting data from multiple sources.

You will need to look at your data creating streams. Where is your data located and can the tool ingest this data from all those resources? Do not just think of logging ...

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AIOPS and big data

Our applications and systems are generating more and more data. This is not just user generated data but also data generated by the Applications and Systems themselves. We are talking about logging from applications, systems, networks., etc., as well as metric from applications, systems, and networks. A small application can quickly generate 15 Megs of data-a-day, on a conservative side. (For comparison THE BIBLE is about 3.2 Megs). We as humans can’t read or comprehend this amount of data so when something goes wrong, most will search in the amount of data that they have to find out what is wrong.

Most people learn some of the errors by heart and search for those (90% of all data that is created is not used, ‘generally’ because we always look for ...

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