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Setting you timeout values in a chain is a goldilocks problem. You will need to find just the right settings that work for your chain. I will try to go through the 3 situations that I can think of. The first 2 are not good and the third is the best solution.

The Chain For this explanation, I will be using the following chain of 4 APIs the last API calls a database and a consumer of the chain: Slide1.jpg

The Consumer calls API 1 , API 1 calls API 2 and after API 2 has answered API 1 will call API 3 and then API 3 will call API 4. After the API 3 gets its info from a database and answers to API 2 and API 2 answered to API 1, API 1 will answer the consumer of the chain. This in a normal working chain should, depending on what the APIs do, 500-700 milliseconds.

The consumer has said it wants ...

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