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Java 11 and Docker

I know i was a little light on the JAVA 11 parts of the last series of posts. So i have written a seperate blog post on Java 11 and Docker and 1 issue that could be a problem.

The innovations in Java 11 are relatively clear. This is not surprising due to the short period since the previous version was published. 

What has been removed and added to Java 11?

The announcements in the form of deprecations in versions 9 and 10 have now become a reality in Java 11. In JEP 320, various Java Enterprise Packages were removed from Java SE, including JAX-WS (XML-based SOAP web services including the tools wsgen and wsimport ), JAXB (Java XML binding including the tools schemagen and xjc ), JAF (Java Beans Activation Framework), Common Annotations ( @PostConstruct, @Resource, ...), CORBA and JTA (Java Transaction API).

Another new feature is that the Oracle JDK will no longer contain JavaFX (by the way, it has ...

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