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What is Query Language?

A query language gives an approach to pose an inquiry. Query language refers to any computer programming language that demands and receives information from the database by sending queries. A query language is fundamentally made for making and adjusting information in and out from a database. It is a specific language for requesting data from a database. For example, the query SELECT ALL WHERE percentage > 60 AND name = "Daniel" retrieves all records in which the name-field is "Daniel" having marks higher than 60%. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most widely used Query Language at present.

What is Elastic Stack?

Elastic Stack is also known as ELK Stack. The ELK stack is a group of three open-source projects. The three, including Elasticsearch, Logstash (gathers all types of data from the different sources and makes it available for further use), and Kibana, discussed later in ...

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